Green Homes Grant Scheme

Being an installer of energy-efficient products in all of our projects, we endorse the government’s initiative to encourage the use of green energy on building developments. ? ⚡?

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, the British government have released an incentive as part of the Green Homes Grant scheme, in which eligible homeowners will be provided with vouchers to contribute towards environmentally friendly home improvements. Typically, these have included loft, floor and wall insulation, double glazing, and solar panels. Vouchers for individual homes are worth up to £5000.

Additionally, the Welsh government have been working to launch a similar scheme in which older homes will be ‘retro-fitted’ with energy-saving improvements. The project aims to create thousands of jobs to aid with economy recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. This will again include green-efficient amendments, such as the installation of roof solar panels and electricity stores, and insulated wall-rendering. We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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