Battersea Place Lifecare, Luxury Retirement Village

Battersea Place Lifecare, Luxury Retirement Village, London

Client: Renaissance Lifecare
Main Contractor: Vinci
Contract: Design and Installation of Mechanical & Electrical Services
Contract Value: £5 million
Programme: 100 weeks

Battersea place is London’s first luxury retirement village; offering assisted and full care living arrangements. There are 2 blocks, Worfield Street which includes basement, ground and Levels 1 to 10 consisting of 76 – 1, 2 or 3 bed Apartments. The top levels 9 & 10 are duplex Apartments. The basement and ground floor of block 2 on Albert Bridge Rd. links to form 1 development. Within the basement are staff areas and parking for residents as well as the central plantroom, water tank room, LV, HV and data rooms, with other management areas such as chef’s office etc. The ground floor and link areas provide a lounge, reception, entrance, manager’s offices, WC areas, pool, and gym with changing rooms. Level 1 has 30 care rooms which are staffed and include nursing station and assisted bathroom. Levels ground and 2 to 10 are apartments.

Albert Bridge Road includes lower ground floor, upper ground floor and levels 1 to 6 which consist of 32 Apartments. The lower ground floor area boasts a restaurant, private dining, kitchen, bar, treatment rooms, theatre, games room, crafts room and hair salon as well as staff room and toilet facilities for both public and staff.

The development has Apartment numbers 1 to 112 however 8 of the apartments are made up of 2 units purchased and built as 1 therefore there are only 108 apartments across the development.